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Motterdarm, a world were arcane magic is outlawed. To find someone calling themselves a wizard is rare, and to find someone who actually is, is rarer still. Most people, even widely travelled ones, never see arcane magic used. Its use was outlawed four hundred years ago, after the wizards of the arcane age challenged the power of the Gods and disrupted existence itself, in the Righteous Wars.

Fargun is gearing up for war. As is told in What Came Before, you narrowly managed to escape the clutches of its army, after trying to warn King Bonny of the necromancer Nigel Blackheart. You escaped with a crowd of fellow Tondorans, and fought your way home.

In the village of Styx, food is scarce. Bandits have been stealing food, burning what they could not take. The refugees cannot stay here. Where will they go? They turn to a hardy group of adventurers to help them, yet again.

Main Page

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