Stumply Fingerbottom

A burly dwarf cleric with unconventional methods...

Alignment Neutral Diety Pelor Age 136
Gender Male Height 4”2’ Weight 163lb
Eyes Black Hair Auburn Skin Leathery

Ability Score Modifier
Str 15 2
Dex 13 1
Con 17 3
Int 12 1
Wis 18 4
Cha 14 2

HP 46 Speed 20
Total Dex Mod Misc
1 1 0

Armor Class
Total Base Armor Shield Dex Mod Size Natural Deflection Misc
17 10 4 2 1 0 0 0 0
Touch 11 Flat-Footed 16

Saving Throws
Save Total Base Abil Mod Magic Mod Misc
Fortitude (Con) 8 5 3 0 0
Reflex (Dex) 3 2 1 0 0
Will (Wis) 9 5 4 0 0

Base Attack Bonus 4
Total Base Att Bonus Str Mod Size Mod Misc
6 4 2 0 0

Attack Att Bonus Damage Critical
Heavy Mace +6 1d8+2 19-20/x2
Range Type
Melee Bludgeoning
Attack Att Bonus Damage Critical
Hvy Repeating Xbow +5 1d10 19-20/x2
Range Type
??? Piercing

Feats – Point Blank Shot; Rapid Shot; Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Heavy Repeating Crossbow);

Special Abilities – Darkvision; Stonecunning; Weapon Familiarity; Stability; Turn Undead.


Stumply was sick of ugly, bearded dwarf women. On several occasions he had had 'encounters' with dwarven males mistaking him as a female and often vice versa.

He left Mt. Cragmore, the city he has called home for the 136 years of his life, to see what other species may appeal to him. First he came upon a village of ogres which gave him the realisation that dwarves arent the ugliest folk after all. And due to the difference in sheer size between him and the ogre species, he was inadequate in the procreation department.

Next came the little people – or gnomes as they like to call themselves. Although they were fairly attractive compared to dwarves, anyone over 100 were shrivelled up and frail, and the ones under 100 all looked like toddlers. And because of the stockiness of Stumply's physique, putting a finger or two up a gnomish bottom disturbingly resembles a puppet show.

Being a dwarf he is instantly attracted to anything that is shiny, so he loves a good treasure hunt. Unfortunately he also loves to gamble and often spends money quicker than he receives it. He loves a good feast, with plenty of beer and cleavage and often provokes bar brawls.

His courage is often mistaken as foolishness, and his size often mistaken as a weakness.

Stumply Fingerbottom

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