Gallidad Sorbet

A wizard who mustn't be...


Gallidad Sorbet, the worlds least attractive gnome, quests and adventures as a means of exacting some small revenge upon the world that has so cruelly dismissed and ridiculed him because of his truly disgusting appearance. Mentored by Habli in the arcane ways, he takes profound glee and satisfaction in the creation and deployment of large streaming arcs of hot burny fire as a weapon of choice. When he sees things, mostly enemies, burning and pirouetting in agony, it reminds him of when he burnt his entire hometown to the ground as retribution for the spurning he received from Arietta, the most lovely female gnome his town had ever produced. This makes him misty-eyed with happiness.

 Gallidad struggles tremendously with issues of diplomacy, his lack of charisma (his charisn'tma, if you will) and acute sensitivity regarding his appearance generally leading to situations where innocent publicans and civilians enter into conversations with warm intentions and often just end up warm….. and mildly charred.

Gallidad Sorbet

Tondora gallidad