Righteous Wars

The magicians of the Arcane Age had grown powerful. The highest wizards built themselves a conclave, ringing the slopes of Mount Turns. From here, they exerted their will on the whole world of Motterdarm. Four large cities, one at each compass point from the Conclave, acted as outposts. For many years the wizards ran an unjust society, caring only for themselves at the expense of all others. Their power grew, and they began to conduct grand experiments with the stuff of life and magic itself- the Ether.

The peoples of the world grew angry, and began to revolt. The Gods began to grant favour to the revolutionary forces, and the Righteous War began. Decades of battles left many killed, however sheer weight of numbers began to drive the wizards back. The wizards began to see defeat on the horizon, their armies were restricted to small areas around each outpost, and the garrisons around Mt Turns were almost empty.

Knowing the composition of the world, the Exalted Thirteen (Thirteen was chosen as one for each alignment, and four for each element) wizards wished to punch a hole through the domed astral plane, and claim a portion of the exterior for themselves, were no others could follow, and not bound by the physical laws of Motterdarm.

They left only one wizard in each outpost, to maintain control over their armies. The remaining nine climbed to the top of Mount Turns, and formed a circle. Calling upon the arcane energies of each, they used the entire mountain as a focus, and a pillar of solid ether grew forth from the center of the circle. Over many days, the pillar grew upwards. Each ear in Motterdarm heard the boom of epic proportions as the pillar reached the Astral Plane. Each wizard of the Mountain placed their staff into the solid ether, and began to ascend. However, the divine might of the Four Overgods was not about to let the corrupt wizards leave the world of Motterdarm.

Above each of the outposts, lightning flickered. A huge power fell from the sky, next to obliterating the arcane cities. All within perished, including the high wizards. The elemental powers of earth, air, fire, and water then converged towards Mount Turns, the Conclave, and the wizards. Meeting at the base, they obliterated the Conclave, and stripped the mountain bare. A brilliant flash of light that flash-boiled many rivers and waters travelled up the pillar, and each wizard was flung to a far corner of the world, and destroyed.

Righteous Wars

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