fourth wall

OK guys, welcome to the campaign weblog, or Camplog. :)

Here I hope to have all of us write up about our adventures, and check up on previous events, places, people, characters, etc etc etc.

I see it as being a tool and an entertainment. I will be able to use it as a reference, and you will be able to use it as such as well. Also, if you miss a session you can catch up on what happened, if your character died, to get the description of the dank and mouldy dungeon the party lost your favourite sword in.

I hope that you will eventually put in as much content as I here. The first few sessions may be tricky, with working out the logistics of more than one person editing an adventure log entry, but I hope we can stick with it.

So, I’m going to be giving XP rewards for creating information: Firstly, a decent length character description and background; secondly, adventure log entries, or a decent edit of or addition to one; thirdly, wiki entries on cities, npcs, places, items, etc etc. I’m willing to give up to 50% extra XP than that earned in a session for creating content about that session.

So click on characters in the blue bar up top, hit ‘create new character’ and start getting ready to level!

One thing I’ve noticed, when writing up articles, is its hard to know if I’m writing from the perspective of someone in the party, or of someone talking to the party. What works best? Should it be different in the journal and the wiki? Keep in mind I want you to write a lot of the content, so what works for your writing?


fourth wall

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