In the once passive kingdom of Fargun, disquiet has been growing.

Sons and daughters are leaving homes, dissatisfied with life, looking for something more, only to be preyed upon by bandits. Trade was slackening, and the outskirts of the kingdom were becoming wild. The ageing king of Fargun, Bonny, has rarely been seen since the death of the much loved Queen Felmore thirty years ago. The people were calling for the King to do something about the state of the kingdom.

He responded by forming an army. He mobilised his troops, and conscripted or destroyed the vagabonds. Now, he is attempting to gain new resources for his isolated kingdom by invading the neighbouring Tondora.

The only pass over the Razorback Mountains, [[Morannon’s Pass]], has been blockaded by the army. You managed to find another way, through tunnels under the mountains.


Tondora Pok