Good Samaritans

After a quick monkey hunt to feed the remaining refugees, we set up camp for the night. During the evening, and elderly lady approached the camp, and asked for help with her husband who had fallen while collecting glow-worms. Rosaline and Jeska, being kind-hearted souls, went along with her to help.

After entering the cave, the first suspicions arose when they passed a cauldron full of disgusting liquid. Their suspicions were confirmed when the old lady simply vanished into thin air. It’s a trap!

Heading to Turk

Gatsu the Barbarian withdrew his massive blade from the Owlbear, revealing its lung just in time for Rosaline to snap an arrow into the wound, felling the enraged beast.

Quick thinking by Gallidad rescued the fallen Jeska, by throwing an entangle seed in front of the other Owlbear, pinning it and exposing it for attack by the rest of the party.

A good bit of exercise made our sleep afterwards all the more relaxing.

The next day, we were to approach the Mayor of Styx. Thinking it best to not bring the members of the party who were meant to be imprisoned back into town, we went without them. But we did bring the impostor guard. It turns out he and Rook were con men, and were actually meant to be prisoners. When the guards opened the cells looking for the Meenlocks, they overpowered them, and escaped upstairs. They were planning to sell off all the wine to the merchants.

He tried to convince the Mayor he was innocent, but thanks to Rosaline’s epic, and convincing, storytelling, she ignored him. The mayor wrote up a pardon for Gatsu and Jeska, and sent us on our way to Turk, to see the lord.

Sending most of the refugees on their way, we hit the road. After a night of drunken revelry in one town, the next day we were stopped by two Knights of Furyondy.

They claimed the cloak that Stumply wore was arcane magic, and illegal to wear. They gave us two options- Give up the cloak, or be killed.

Negotiations were entered into, barbarian style, by Gatsu leaping atop the horse and attempting a decapitation.

Prison Break

The misshapen figure reached forward, pleading for help. What outline was left of the mouth moved in time to the phrase that has been stuck in your head, going round and round, obscuring all other thoughts: “What you are, we once were. What we are, you shall become”.

It was being dragged into a tunnel, dug by one of the prisoners as a desperate escape attempt. Stumply and Gatsu grabbed its fused humanoid fingers, played tug-of-war with the Meenlocks, attempting to pull back the victim… Suddenly, the Meenlocks disappeared! The figure flew out of the tunnel, still being pulled forward.

Stumply managed to channel divine power into the poor victim, restoring her to consciousness. Still dazed, all they managed to get from her was her name- Jeska- before the two Meenlocks flanked them, appearing at the cell door!

Finding some Food

OK, I’ve got some dot points to get you started. Feel free to delete them, and write it up better.

Mayor of town told us there was no food to feed everyone, was stolen by bandits.

Two bandits captured, held in nearby winery turned prison. Decided to find them.

Mayor asked us to escort Gatsu to prison.

Made it to prison, were locked in cellar by two dudes.

People going crazy downstairs. Guard is gone, even though we heard him down here. Meenlock attacks us, is killed.

Met two guys.

What happened last?


So I want to start a campaign again. It’ll be a continuation of the last one. I hope to use this blog (or camplog, as I’m calling it) a lot for this, so please check out this post.

A quick catch up

When we last checked out…

Nigel Blackheart had been defeated in the under the mountains that divide the kingdoms of Tondora (your home) and Fargun. You had escaped through scary tunnels to your homeland of Tondora.

The old tree man in the forest had given you a seed, which once planted grew into a tree. A portal appeared on the trunk, and out came the valiant Stumply leading the captured Tondorans.

So you’re all in a village on the outskirts of Tondora, with a bunch of refugees.

What Came Before

Undead had been walking.

Following a group of them, with the help of Zander, we found that they were all being drawn towards an abandoned mental asylum. On breaking in, a gruesome sight awaited… Zombies, skeltons, resurrected ogres, all dancing to a macabre band, with intenstines decorating the walls…

That was when Nigel Blackheart introduced himself, sending his evil hordes to try and feed on our brains. We took them all down, and he buggered off quick smart.

We decided that we should go to the king of this foreign land, King Bonny, and let him know what was going on. At the entrance to the capital city, we were arrested! Since when did Fargun require us Tondorans to carry papers?

As we were being escorted to wherever they were taking us, our captors were ambused! Strangely, scarily, all the ambushers were using arcane magic! That has been forbidden for hundreds of years!

It turns out the Arcanist were the ambushers, a secret sect led by the old Warforged Gethsemane. They fight for the restoration of arcane magic, and knew that one of our party was secretly an arcane magic user.

Gethsemane sent us to retrieve an artifact from the tower of the Knights of Furyondy temple. He claimed it was had no significance by itself, and the Knights did not know of its power. We got it, in the end, but it wasn’t easy. A frantic rush through the city led us to an Arcanist safehouse. But Nigel Blackheart was waiting for us! He nicked the mirror, and we were captured by the city guard.

The city guard piled us into wagons, with a whole bunch of other Tondorans. We were going to be shipped off to Cantuck, a POW camp! Couldn’t let that happen… So, we caused a distraction on the way, killed the guards, and ran off with all the refugees.

That led us to a forest, with some creepy [[:old tree man]]. He said that he couldn’t have all those people travelling through his forest. He gave us a seed, and sent the others to the outskirts of the forest. Then he made us jump into this weird tree-portal thing, which took us to the edge of the forest.

Turns out a whole bunch of Warforged were hacking down the forest. So we burnt the lumberyard and the village to a crisp! Then we struggled off into the wilderness, trying to get back home to Tondora.

It turns out that the Fargun army had blocked the only pass through to Tondora, so we followed a rumour and went southwards along the mountains, trying to find a way through. Paths led us into the mountains, and after negotiating several traps, we entered some tunnels. Buying favours from hole-dwelling lizard people, we were shown a way through. But we were foiled! We got all excited when we found a massive room full of treasure, but we noticed something on the wall… The mirror we had stolen from the Knights of Furyondy, which was then stolen from us by Nigel Blackheart!

He was there, and fought us… He used massive undead skeleton of a dragon to try and kill us, and we barely escaped alive! We shattered the mirror, hopefully killing the life-force of Nigel so he will never bother us again!

We broke through to the other side of the mountains. Finally, we are home! We planted the seed the old forest dude had given us, and all the Tondorans we rescued came out.

Success! But what now?


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