Heading to Turk

Gatsu the Barbarian withdrew his massive blade from the Owlbear, revealing its lung just in time for Rosaline to snap an arrow into the wound, felling the enraged beast.

Quick thinking by Gallidad rescued the fallen Jeska, by throwing an entangle seed in front of the other Owlbear, pinning it and exposing it for attack by the rest of the party.

A good bit of exercise made our sleep afterwards all the more relaxing.

The next day, we were to approach the Mayor of Styx. Thinking it best to not bring the members of the party who were meant to be imprisoned back into town, we went without them. But we did bring the impostor guard. It turns out he and Rook were con men, and were actually meant to be prisoners. When the guards opened the cells looking for the Meenlocks, they overpowered them, and escaped upstairs. They were planning to sell off all the wine to the merchants.

He tried to convince the Mayor he was innocent, but thanks to Rosaline’s epic, and convincing, storytelling, she ignored him. The mayor wrote up a pardon for Gatsu and Jeska, and sent us on our way to Turk, to see the lord.

Sending most of the refugees on their way, we hit the road. After a night of drunken revelry in one town, the next day we were stopped by two Knights of Furyondy.

They claimed the cloak that Stumply wore was arcane magic, and illegal to wear. They gave us two options- Give up the cloak, or be killed.

Negotiations were entered into, barbarian style, by Gatsu leaping atop the horse and attempting a decapitation.



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