Good Samaritans

After a quick monkey hunt to feed the remaining refugees, we set up camp for the night. During the evening, and elderly lady approached the camp, and asked for help with her husband who had fallen while collecting glow-worms. Rosaline and Jeska, being kind-hearted souls, went along with her to help.

After entering the cave, the first suspicions arose when they passed a cauldron full of disgusting liquid. Their suspicions were confirmed when the old lady simply vanished into thin air. It’s a trap!

Jeska felt the cold touch of the Hag on her shoulder, drawing the strength from within her. Whirling around, they entered into a running battle- Desperate to escape, nearly impossible to fight back, because the monstrous old crone kept disappearing! Hack, run, hack, run… It seemed to work, the hag retreated.

Gallidad watched their defeated return, and elected to stay behind with the refugees (and money) as they set out again for the caves, with Stumply Fingerbottom and Gatsu as reinforcements. It was quite lucky he did, otherwise the damage would be much, much worse.

With the bulk of the muscle gone, the Hag had chosen her moment to attack well… She appeared in the middle of the refugees, in her most foul form, and struck out left, right and center with her fatiguing touch. Delighting in her evil acts, her cackling glee spurred Gallidad to send up a flare, calling the others back.

The vicious thing had underestimated our abilities… She made the mistake of attacking again, when we were trying to assess the damage when everyone was back at camp. A well timed and well executed hold person spell from Rosaline captured the creature, leaving her wide open for a coup de grace from Jeska, splitting her skull in two.

Upon her death, a mighty roar was heard from the road… The bodyguard had arrived. A massive Ogre charged forward through the trees, to be met by the steadfast blades of Gatsu and Jeska. Despite a massive hit to Gatsu, the ferocious beast was felled by superior numbers, skills, and tactics. We are fighting as a team, to stay alive.

Dawn had broken, and after a search of the cave, no other hags were found, but some nice tidbits from the shelves in the cave were certainly to be had. And onward we travelled, finally making it to our destination, Turk, the local capital.

Here, three people were met… Firstly, Breland aTool, the Duke in these parts. He was more concerned with his hair for tonights party, than impending war. Tobias shal Hara, the head priest of the Knights of Furyondy here. He simply wanted to convert Rosaline to his faith, claiming the church had no political ties, yet they would be at the forefront of any war against arcane magical means.

The third person we met was a frustrated paladin by the name of Fihea shal. She tried to get Tobias to prepare for a visit from the Prince, but he would not see her.

Upon hearing from us our tale, she was the first to take us seriously. Immediately, she took us before the Duke, Breland.

Throwing the Warforged head onto the table in front of him, she said:

“War is upon us.”


Found on the corpses:
  • 2 magic rings, which look similar.
  • Large sized hide armor, magical.

Potions found in the Hag’s lair:

  • 2 golden, bitter smelling.
  • 1 rose colored, metallic smell and taste.
  • 1 violet, lemony smell.
  • 1 black with white chunks. Smells strongly of aniseed.

Also, a magical wooden bowl + spoon, along with 426 GP, and a small ziose gem.

Good Samaritans

XP (from previous session as well)

  • Gallidad = +2160
  • Rosaline = +3000
  • Stumply = +2700
  • Gatsu = +4250
  • Jeska = +3850
Good Samaritans

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